Restaurant / Banquet

Enjoy dishes made with locally sourced seasonal ingredients

Enjoy the chef’s specialties, from classic dishes to local flavors.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Menu

AQUA offers a wide variety of breakfast items, from “homemade smoothies” using local vegetables for easy nutritional intake to a standard menu of rice, miso soup, bread, and other dishes, as well as a weekly selection of national and regional Japanese dishes. Enjoy a breakfast that is good for your body and soul at Restaurant AQUA.


Hours of Operation
  • Weekdays 6:00~9:00
  • Weekends and holidays 6:00~10:00
  • Guests 950 yen (tax included)
  • Outpatients 1,200 yen (tax included)


Dinner Menu

Kitakyushu’s famous yaki udon noodles, yaki curry, and other standard set menus are available at reasonable prices.

Drink Menu

We are proud of our selection of shochu (Japanese liquor) imported from all over Kyushu. You can enjoy one glass at a time or keep a bottle for yourself. We also boast a wine cellar with a wide selection of wines. Of course, we also have a full lineup of non-alcoholic and soft drinks.


Hours of Operation
  • 17:30~21:30(L.O 21:00)


Buffet, table service, and various types of kaiseki cuisine are available according to your budget.


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Buffet (standing or seated)

A buffet style that adds color to the venue. Ideal for celebrations and parties.

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Enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends or business meetings of all kinds.

Venue Details

The hall can be used for events, exhibitions, banquets, celebratory gatherings, welcome and farewell parties, meetings, and other purposes.

会場 m2 立食 着席 着席卓盛 正餐

全室 410 124 200 176 187 120
A 235 71 100 55 65 54
B 175 53 80 55 45
小会議室 65 20 50 24 24

Main Banquet Hall “Diamond”

収容人数 スクール シアター
全室 200 300
A 120 180
B 80 120
ご利用料金 2時間 延長(1時間ごと)
全室 176,000円 88,000円
A 99,000円 49,500円
B 77,000円 38,500円


Small Meeting Rooms “Sapphire” and “Emerald”

収容人数 スクール シアター
エメラルド 15 20
サファイア 15 20
上記2室同時 36 50
ご利用料金 2時間 1時間
エメラルド 22,000円 11,000円
サファイア 22,000円 11,000円
上記2室同時 33,000円 16,500円