Our Commitment

We value each and every encounter with you.

For business travelers, we offer a place to relax and unwind.
For leisure travelers, we welcome you with a spirit of hospitality
We welcome you with the spirit of hospitality.

We promise you a relaxing time.

We strive to create clean and comfortable rooms for our guests to relax and unwind after a long day.
Our spacious rooms are designed to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Whether you are here on business, with your family, or with friends, you will be glad you stayed with us. We hope you will feel “glad to have stayed here!

We hope that our service will make you want to stay with us again.

That is our wish.

Extensive breakfast buffet.

In addition to the standard menu of rice, miso soup, bread, etc., we offer a main dish that changes daily and Kyushu’s famous cuisine!

In addition, we support a healthy day with salads using local vegetables and our popular “homemade smoothies” with original dressings!

We also offer a special “Undan Soy Sauce” egg over rice and a seasonal potage soup that changes monthly.

On weekends and holidays, we also offer a limited menu of roast beef and French toast!